What version of CSP in server?

Hi guys

Please I have some problems any drivers
Have races with night conditions
In server clock race is 3 pm

Drivers with problem use pure

I have questions of drivers
Answer what version of CSP is installed in server

I find all information in server but no see this information.

Please helo me

Hi there,

The server doesn’t run a certain version of CSP, although you can set a minimum version that clients must have installed locally in order to join the server. Some ACSM features will only work properly if a certain CSP version is being used by the client, but these options usually point this out in their description text.

To set a minimum version:

  1. Go to the Server → Options page and scroll to the “Content Manager Integration” section
  2. Enable “Enable Extra Custom Shaders Patch Options” and save the form
  3. Now in any race form go to the “Custom Shaders Patch” section, where you can set a “Required Minimum CSP Version”.

The other important option here is the “Weather Type” that you are using. “Default” will work with all clients but won’t allow night conditions, “Custom Shaders Patch” should work with any client running CSP back to the very early versions but does not allow for dynamic weather transitions, “Custom Shaders Patch With Transitions” is the most recent system and requires newer versions of CSP.

It’s important to note that when using that final mode the in-game time will be converted to the timezone of the track from UTC, so the server time you set should be in the UTC timezone. In some scenarios when a track doesn’t have it’s location in the world specified properly this can lead to different users seeing different times, as the timezone of the last track they drove on is used by CSP.

You can get around this by manually defining a timezone in the Extra Options input in the Custom Shaders Patch section of a race form:

TIMEZONE = -25200
LONGITUDE = 118.14

You can read more about the weather system on our Wiki here: Weather and Conditions | Emperor Servers.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.