What to copy to ams2 server manager folder?

hello all,
I bought the server manger, but got the problem in installation readme file is not specified what the server files are i copied some stuff but nothing works the failure message is

The error more specifically is: osm: server not found in install path

I have to copy file to the folder, just dont know what files
it seems an easy to handle problem but i m stuck …


The “install_path” that is set in the config.yml should contain the files from the Automobilista 2 Dedicated Server (installable on Steam).

The following files and folders should be directly inside your “install_path”:

├── changelog.txt
├── config
├── config_sample
├── DedicatedServerCmd.exe
├── lua
├── lua_config
├── steam_api.dll
├── steam_appid.txt
├── steamapps
├── steamclient.dll
├── tier0_s.dll
├── UserGuide.pdf
├── vstdlib_s.dll
└── web_files

We don’t have a specific guide for AMS2, but you should be able to follow this guide for ACC, but install the “Automobilista 2 Dedicated Server” instead: Installation Instructions | Emperor Servers