Weather settings

Can anyone advise on what settings would be required to set a race to start dry and rain at some point during the race (or vice versa). I’ve tried what I thought it should be but it just rained all race.

Dynamic weather was turned on


There is a great resource for learning about the ACC weather system in the ServerAdminHandbook.pdf included with the server download, section IV.1 covers weather simulation with a few useful examples, I’d definitely recommend giving that a read.

For rain, the general rule is that rain will start falling when cloud + rain = 60%, so for a low chance of rain you would want the result of those two values to be around that value. The first example given in the guide achieves this with 50% rain, 10% clouds and weather randomness set to 1.

The ACC weather system isn’t easy to control exactly, but most of the time that will result in intermittent rain. You can also refer to the “Weather Preset” options included in the Manager, after selecting an option it shows a short description of how the generated options should generally behave.


Is there somewhere I can download this pdf?

It’s included in the “Assetto Corsa Competizione Dedicated Server” download on Steam, in the “server” folder.