V2.1.1 Release


  • Added more detail to audit logging, including actions and IP addresses/User Agents.
  • Added CSV download for Audit Logs.
  • Live Timings Chat now indicates when messages are sent on different days.
  • Added CSP Rain Integration to Lua Live Weather API Plugin.
  • Added a check to Race Pit Window settings for lapped races. If the Pit Window Start is set to 0, but the Pit Window End is greater than 0, the Pit Window Start will be set to 1. This is because Assetto Corsa does not correctly recognise a mandatory pit stop in a lapped race with a pit window start of 0.
  • Stopped entrant slots from being unusable in some situations when “Any Available Car” was set.


  • Any Available Car is no longer selectable for spectator cars.
  • Time Attack sessions will no longer appear in the weather session selector.
  • onEventStart Lua Plugin should now work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the multiserver would spam “superfluous response.WriteHeader call” in the logs
  • Addressed KMR tracks.json corruption by increasing the timeout for KMR to stop gracefully before killing it manually. Added more logging to help debug future KMR stop issues.
  • UDP Plugin now responds to car requests with invalid CarIDs. This fixes an issue where some UDP plugins would not start correctly because they were requesting information about more cars than were in the entry list.
  • Fixes an incorrect option name for RaceMassAccidentResponse in the Kiss My Rank configuration.
  • Images uploaded in Championship descriptions are now uploaded to the content folder instead of being stored as a base64 blob in the Championship page. This will make Championship pages with images load quicker.
  • Added extra checks to prevent an empty autofill entrant from being added.
  • Fixes an issue where Championship points sorting based on finishing positions would not work with Race Weekends.
  • The Discord bot should now be able to @everyone properly, although using specific roles is still recommended.
  • Fixes an issue where the Content Manager Wrapper would not work for users without ‘Load Server Information Directly’ enabled in Content Manager settings.
  • Fixes an issue where the Sector Finder plugin could cause pit lane detection to be disabled on some circuits.