V2.1.0 Release



  • Added an option to generate sector markings on track maps. This uses the positions of drivers as they cross sector markings in game to find the sector positions. You can enable this by turning on “Calculate Sector Markings” in the Server Options.
  • Added a key to explain the different markings on the new track maps and sector background colours.
  • Added support for CSP Rain integration. Currently very experimental, and requires the latest CSP preview build, available from x4fab’s patreon. Tested with 0.1.74-preview3.
  • Server Manager’s Content Manager Wrapper is now built directly into the acserver’s HTTP server. This means Server Manager no longer needs to run a separate port for Content Manager Wrapper, and that the data provided to Content Manager comes direct from the server itself, saving resources!
  • Re-added “Content Manager Wrapper Content Requires Password” option, only allowing people to download content if they have the server password.
  • A chequered flag is now shown in the Live Timings table when a driver has completed a session.
  • Added option to generate driver GUID from driver name. Intended for use with Assetto Corsa Pro and/or in setups where multiple drivers may connect using the same physical machine and account.
  • Championship standings can now be accessed at the JSON endpoint ‘/championship/{{championship-id}}/standings.json’
  • Results now show an overview of penalties applied by ACSM’s custom penalty system during a session.
  • Added an option to turn on “Car Update Filtering” in Server Options. Please carefully read the description before enabling it. Please note that if you are a customer of emperorservers.com, this option will be unavailable - we manage your network settings for you!
  • Results pages now use the proper track/layout names where possible.
  • Championship class colours can now be set manually, although by default they will use the original colour scheme.
  • Added an option to prevent drivers from signing up to a Championship with a skin that has already been chosen by another driver.
  • Added “Clean Installation” option to Car and Track uploads, enabled by default. This will delete the old car/track before uploading the new one.
  • Improved content uploads. Content is now uploaded in 10MB chunks to the server, meaning larger uploads will not exceed server limits.
  • Driver ping is now displayed on the Live Timings page.
  • Championship and Race Weekend spectator cars are now connected in the same manner to someone connecting with the spectator password. This means they have access to the /spectate commands, and will also be exempt from the “Car Update Filtering” setting.
  • Results events tab now shows the timestamp of each event.
  • Championship and Race Weekend import now both use a file upload instead of requiring copy/paste into a text field. This should make importing large Championships/Race Weekends much easier.
  • The Debug Bundle now contains all server log files currently stored in the logs folder.
  • Added a help page to point users to the right places to find guides and support.


  • Improved accuracy of messages sent by the custom penalty system.
  • Set Block List mode now displays properly on the Server Options page.
  • Multi-Selection elements in Server Manager now highlight which side is selected (green) and which side isn’t (red).
  • Note that track AI files are required for drive through penalties on the Custom Race form.
  • Championships exported from v1.x should now be functional after importing to v2.x (although you should avoid this and upgrade v1.x instances to v2 where possible)
  • Made current config more readable in dark mode.
  • Chat messages should now be properly displayed in the server logs.
  • Fixes an issue with password management when the admin_password_override config variable is set.
  • Admin commands are now forwarded on to UDP Plugins.
  • Fixes an issue where the order of weather in a race setup could be incorrect.
  • Improved the way the server handles drivers connection issues.
  • Cars in the car list are now proper links, allowing you to (for example) open them in a new tab.
  • The Championships track pitbox warning no longer displays on completed events, or for non-write access users.
  • Fixed some scenarios in which the session could advance even though drivers were still mid-lap.
  • Reconnecting users will not be allowed in to a Race Sessions when the wait time is less than 20 seconds. They can reconnect after that and will load into the pits.
  • Fixes an issue where Race Weekends would fail to load if they used a results file that had been deleted.
  • Chat messages are no longer subject to rate limiting.
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