Update driver's name programmatically

Hello everyone,

I want to update the driver’s name programmatically, need help in this regard.

I’m developing a system to update the game’s config like driver name, session time and other stuff directly without visiting the content manager or anything else, my admin panel will handle it out, I will do it by creating the APIs. Need guidance from the experts whether it’s possible or not

My custom application will be in NODE JS


I believe we discussed some options about this on our Discord, here is a link to the thread in case anybody is interested: Discord

I’ll also paste my main answer here:

For the level of control you’re looking for I can only think of two options currently. The first is to use the Lua plugin system provided by ACSM, which has functions that are called on event start that allow you to modify the server configuration files generated by ACSM. Have a look in the plugins folder in the ACSM download and check lua_readme.txt to get started, I think the onEventStart function in events.lua will be the one you want to work with. This will be the easier option but may have some limitations depending on your goals. The second is to do what ACSM does and modify the configuration files of the server directly, or to look for and modify the configuration files of ACSM instead (for example modifying Custom Race JSON files (using a JSON store)) to modify names in the Entry List.