Unable to Save\Start Championship Events


I am currently running into an issue where I can’t save any championship events. As soon as I click the save button I get the following…

This page isn’t working right now

tachycardia.emperorservers.com can’t currently handle this request.


I am currently running Version v2.3.9 hosted by Emperor Servers


Apologies for the issue you’ve been facing with your Championship, I just had a look and have found the issue, you can fix the problem by following these steps:

  1. Edit the event
  2. Go to the Weather section and click the arrow to expand any configured weather presets
  3. In the “Sessions” input of each weather preset, click the “2nd Race” option in the active column to deselect it
  4. Now you can click the “2nd Race” option in the inactive column to select it again

After doing that you should be able to save the event normally. I’m not sure exactly how the events ended up in this state, but I’ve made a note to investigate this and prevent it from happening in a future update to ACSM.


Sweet! That worked, no idea how you even find such an odd glitch but I really appreciate the help.