Track maps not loading

Please describe the issue in as detailed a way as possible
When running ACSM v2.3.9 the server will run as normal and I can run events, however the live track map on the “Live timings” doesn’t work. Looking at the console output, it is not able to find a number of files relating to the track, but this is because it is putting double // between each directory instead of a single / (i.e. gp\data\map.ini instead of gp\data\map.ini) I cannot see where this can be amended and wonder if this is a bug in the server manager?

Which version of Server Manager are you using?
ACSM v2.3.9

What OS are you running Server Manager on?
Windows 10

Any extra information about the problem
Have rebuilt track maps in options and it did not resolve the issue.
Server has been restarted numerous times with the same result


Apologies for the delayed response on this one.

Have you uploaded the content that is missing a track map via the ACSM UI (on the Content pages)? If not could you please try that to see if it solves the issue? This is necessary for stock content as well, we don’t include any data from them in the Manager.

It is worth noting as well that in some cases a track won’t have any included ai files, in that scenario ACSM won’t be able to generate a track map for the track, but it can fall back to an included map image (which requires upload via the UI as well).

The double \\ shouldn’t be causing an issue here.