Stored times not appearing in Live Timing page


I have a premium multi-server setup running on Ubuntu, using the native linux install method (not docker).

I have 4 servers operating within the system, which i’ve configured to run as a service - not that i think that should matter.

The timing page on the premium server instance i have doesn’t show any stored times, regardless of whether the ‘stored times’ setting under server options is selected or not.

That being said, the free version of server manager i have running on windows DOES operate properly (this is clearly a much older version… but the older version works :wink: )

It clearly IS actually storing the times, as the times are visible under the results page, but not via the live-timing page at all.

No stored times operational:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Version: 2.1.5

Stored times operational:
OS: Win10
Version: 1.7.9

I suspect this may be a case of myself not understanding when/how these times are cleared, more than anything else.

I assumed that the server would store all times from all sessions, and show a leaderboard style system for each driver who has raced on the server on that track, but that appears to not be the case?


Stored times are only saved for the previous session that ran, and are only displayed again if the session is the same as it was previously. They are also cleared for any session other than a practice session.

Stored times should show up when you have a looping practice event at a track, and no other event runs between the events looping. If a new session is started at a different track, the stored times are cleared. The system doesn’t keep a leaderboard style set of data for tracks (currently, though this is a feature we are considering).