Stopping servers?

Hi, with regard to scheduled events. When the event is finished (race completed) is there any way to auto stop the server or does it just loop back to the start again?

Also when scheduling 1 event after the other, how does the scheduling work if the 1st event server is still runnning?


Hi, by default the AMS2 server doesn’t stop itself after an event is completed, and as far as I know there is no way to make it do that (it usually will go back to the lobby state).

Scheduled events will automatically stop any currently running event when they start.

Thanks for the reply.

Just a couple of issues I noticed tonight when running some events with the community, on a number of occasions the wrong track was being loaded. Eg I selected Hockenhiemm RX but it loaded Cleveland GP. Stopped server, checked to make sure I had the right track selected and it loaded Cleveland GP again. The webhook into discord had the right track and car in the post as well.

Not sure if that’s an issue with the server manager (track ID errors) or something deeper within ams2 as there was alot of disconnects and issues from different servers & hosts over the course of the evening.


Often the AMS2 server will load an incorrect track if the number of cars exceeds the pitboxes for the circuit. Firstly, please can you try reducing the number of cars in the event and see if this helps?

If this doesn’t help, please can you check that “Server Controls Track” is enabled and restart the event if it needed changing?

If neither of these solutions work, please could you look at the server logs page and see if the server is outputting any information as to why it is changing the track?