Speeding in pitlane - measuring on pitlane start line

I would like to ask if is there any option to add a penalty for speeding in the pitlane? I think speed should be measured at the pitlane entrance. As long as it is technically possible.
Penalties: time added to the final result or DT.
Thanks in advance.


This is possible using Custom Shaders Patch, by following these steps:

  1. Enable Enable Extra Custom Shaders Patch Options on the Server Options page and save
  2. In the event settings find the Custom Shaders Patch section
  3. Set the Required Minimum CSP Version to at least 2051 (your drivers will need this version or newer installed locally to join the server)
  4. Set the following in the Extra Options input:
DISABLE_FORCED = 1   ; Disable forced pits speed limiter
KEEP_COLLISIONS = 1  ; Activate collisions between cars in pits
SPEED_KMH = 80       ; Alter pits speed limiter value; default is 80
SPEEDING_PENALTY = DRIVE_THROUGH  ; Penalty for violation (for now, either DRIVE_THROUGH
                                  ; or TELEPORT_TO_PITS with locking controls)
  1. Save then start the event

Then the pitlane speeding penalty will be active, of course you can tweak the options to your preferences. This is only technically possible using CSP because it requires a client side component, which it provides.

Drivers can also bind a manual pit limiter from the PATCH sections of the controls settings in Content Manager, I’d recommend that if you’ve set DISABLE_FORCE.


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I didn’t know about this feature.
Thank you, Hecrer.

One more question. I’ve tested this feature and I noticed that If you have unserved penalty because race has ended and you still have laps to serve penalty you can avoid it.
Any solution possible?

By default, a drive through served by the game (due to pit lane speeding for example) needs to be served within 3 laps or they get disqualified - if the race ends within 3 laps at the time the penalty is issued and they dont serve it, the game converts it to a time penalty (usually 90 sec) after the race

Yeah, you’re right but it only works if I set it by the ACSM options. If I use Extra CSP Options unserved penalty dissapears when race has ended and there are still laps to serve penalty.

I’m afraid we can’t change that behaviour because the penalty is applied and controlled by CSP, not ACSM, and we have no way of influencing it.

If CSP makes a note of the infraction somewhere then you could manually apply time penalties for unserved drive-throughs, but I’m not sure that it does.

You could also look in to utilising the Real Penalty plugin, it has options for pit lane speeding including time penalties which may be more robust (although I haven’t used them myself).

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Ok. Thank you for all the hints and tips.
Greetings :slight_smile: