Sorry, Looks like that wasn't a car

I get this error message when I try and import my AC mods. They are already working in AC and I don’t know why I cant import them.


I’m assuming this is a question about our Assetto Corsa Server Manager, not ACC.

There are a few potential issues here, firstly are you using Opera GX? If so we have had a few reports of issues uploading from that browser recently, please try Firefox or Chrome.

If that doesn’t help you may be selecting the wrong folder to upload to the Manager, please make sure you are selecting the main car folder that directly contains the car data.acd file.

Finally the car that you’re trying to upload may be missing a file that the server requires (sometimes car mods can be missing these, as they are not required for solo use). Cars require a data.acd file and UI folder containing ui_car.json. The second one is more likely to be missing, in that case you should be able to find the file from a different car, modify it to contain correct information for the car you are uploading and then try uploading it again.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you are still stuck.