Server Mgr Championships

I have 2 events, each just with Qual + Race. It seems I still have to manually advance to event #2 once evetn # 1 is complete. So we have to get out of the server and get back in after I manually start the 2nd event. Is there a way to automatically advance to event # 2 after the first event is complete?

Also, my online friends do not see any championship results, is there a way for them to see that without me having to send them screen shots? Thanks!


Currently it isn’t possible to switch events without restarting the server, unless the settings allow the host to change event settings from the lobby.

For making the Manager visible to others, first you’ll need to make sure the port your Manager is running on is open to the internet (forwarded in the router and open in any firewall). Then from the Server → Accounts page of the Manager you can click the “Enable Public Access” button to allow users to access the Manager (in a read-only state) without an account.


Thank you Hecrer! Much appreciated :slight_smile: