Schedule end time for events

I know I can schedule a time for an event to start, but is there anyway I can schedule a time for it to end and fallback to a default event?

It’s kind of troublesome have to schedule another event to just to go back, specially if you have multiple scheduled events along the week (meaning you’d have to have duplicates of your default event to “reset” the server after every event)

Hi, I believe we discussed this via email as well, but in case anybody else sees this I’ll paste the first response below:

If I’m following correctly then this should be possible using a recurrence rule. Instead of creating multiple GT3 events for each week (or for different days) you could create a single GT3 event and use a recurrence rule to have it start whenever required.

For example to have it start every Saturday at 1pm you would set the scheduled time to the next instance of that date/time then set the recurrence rule to “FREQ=WEEKLY;INTERVAL=1” so the event would start at that time every week.

If you wanted it to happen on certain days you could use a by day rule, something like “FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=MO,TU,TH,SA;INTERVAL=1” should work (you can generate RRULEs using this tool: RRULE generator tool for scheduling iCal recurring events).

I do think that having a “default” event that is automatically started when the server offline could be a good idea for the future, we’ll consider that a feature request!

Following on from this I did have another thought, if you’re currently self-hosting you could also create a second Manager/server instance to run your “default” event all the time, then the first server can just run the scheduled events without then needing to fall back to default.

We will definitely look in to adding a default event system in to the Manager in the future though, to make setups like this easier to manage, thanks for the suggestion.