Reverse Grid ACC

Hello guys.

Need some help here please. I’m triyng to make 2 races and in the last one the grid must be inverted. I cant seem to find the way to do it. Can you guys please describe, step by step, what i should do so it works?

Thank you very much for your help.

Tiago Bogas


To use the reverse grid feature, the race you want to add a reverse grid to must be in a Championship. You run the first race as normal, then when it is done, go to the Championship page and click “Start Inverse Grid Race”. This will launch a session with the results from the championship event reversed.

Hi, I am trying to set up a reverse grid race, but I had some troubles. Using the complete button, the session would not finish. When I got it to work after some tries, using the start inverse grid button, the server would show up as in progress, but refreshing the page the server would result offline and not starting. Only workaround was to cancel the event and re-press the button. But this results in a random grid and a non-inverse one


Do you see any errors in the Server Logs when the inverse grid fails to start? Could you share those here?

Also, which Server Manager version are you on?