Résults Editting

Hi , WE run your service servers in our racing League in ACC . But we find a Big problèm when editing thé final résults After a race , After giving drivers some time penaltys .

Lets say P8 finish in thé same lap as thé leader of thé race , and P9 did one less lap. Even when we gave driver in P8 ,5 minutes ( 300 seconds) of Time penaltys hé stills stays ahead of thé driver in p9 , because of thé lap count diference. This is making having standings correct impossible.

Is there a solution ?


Hi Uzeby,

Thanks for reporting this! This issue will be fixed in our next update, which should be available soon.


We are having issues with penalties too. When we add any time penalty it doesn’t add it to total race time for drivers and doesn’t change their positions either (in race and in championship standing), This used to work fine few weeks ago. Any idea when it will be fixed?

Hi Arek,

We’ve had a few reports of issues with penalties introduced in the latest version (v1.2.10), which had a change intended to fix the issue reported above.

We’re investigating the problem now and are aiming to have a solution out with our next update soon, thank you for the report.