Raspberry Pi Installation


I’m trying to install the Emperor server to run the AC server on an RPi 3 / Jetson Nano. Still, I couldn’t figure out whether I could install Steam there? as it needs to refer to the AC manager installation in a Steam folder, according to the installation guide.

Anyone have attempted to do this?


We do have multiple users running ACSM v2 on Pis, so you should definitely be able to get this running.

You don’t need to have Steam or the AC server/manager installed in order to run ACSM v2, so you can disregard those steps in you’re installing v2. This is because v2 uses our custom server that we built ourselves so it can operate completely standalone.

We still usually recommend installing the original server to get instant access to the included tracks/cars/weathers, but it isn’t necessary for a “barebones” install, you’ll just need to upload content yourself from the Content pages of the Manager instead after startup.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions!