Race Grid Order Request

In a future update would be possible to add a “reverse grid” option based on previous race results? This option would only be available if 2 or more races happen back to back on the same event.


Our Server Manager does support Reverse Grids, but only inside Championships. You can use them as follows:

  1. Set up a championship, and add an event to it with a single race session (you can add other session types before this).
  2. Complete the championship event
  3. Go to the championship page, and click the “Start Inverse Grid Race” button
  4. Rejoin the server, this will now be set up with a reverse grid of the previous race.

Hope this helps!

After another look our first race now has the option (hadn’t worked during trialling it).

When clicking on “start inverse race” what does this do exactly? Does this start the next race in the championship with reverse grid or does it create another race duplicating “Race 1” but with reverse grid ordering?

It starts an event with a practice session and race session, with the entrylist configured in reverse order. When the event has completed, the results are saved as an extra session on the current championship event - no new event is created in the championship page itself.

I’m guessing with same race duration also? Or is this something that can be changed?

The race duration is the same, it can’t be changed at the moment.

Hi…has there been any update on this feature?
Can you now adjust the race length, points multiplier?

Thank you.

Hi Bongo, currently inverse grid races copy the settings of the event when the inverse grid race is started, the system has not changed.

Having said that, you can actually adjust the race length (and other event options) for the inverse race by clicking Manage Event → Edit after the first race is completed, changing the length of the race session (and other options), saving and then starting the inverse grid race.

Points multipliers for inverse grid races are not currently possible, but I will add a ticket for that feature, thanks for the request.