Problem of the results of the double races

Hello everyone,
I am using Server Manager v1.1.5-5 interface

I have a huge problem with the automatic results of a double race in the championship.
When I do an event consisting of a free practice then qualifying then race then qualifying then race, the server only takes into account the results of qualifying 2 and race 2.
This is the third time this has happened and it completely skews the drivers’ championship points.

Do the administrators possibly know how to adapt this system so that this no longer happens?

Thank you in advance for finding a solution, have a nice day everyone.

Hi Kerev,

Thank you for pointing this out!

There is a way to manually fix this currently:

  1. Click “Manage Event” on your Championship event
  2. Click “Import Results”
  3. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select results files for each session in the event, select the correct results files for each and then click the “Import Results” button.
  4. You’ll then be taken back to the Championship page, and the correct results should be set for each session, and the points will be updated to reflect these results.

We will investigate the issue and work towards fixing the automated system, but for now following these steps should fix the issue.


Ho! Yes thanks.
I had never seen that one knew how to do that.

But a new problem arises:
We were doing two races with the points system in 0.5x points multiplier.
So potentially points “,5”.
But the general classification shows round numbers.
Is this normal?


  • race 1 => 22 points = 11
  • race 2 => 17 points = 8,5
    11 + 8,5 = 19,5
    in the standings, I have 19 points…

Tanks to you

This is the expected behaviour at the moment, in any situation where a driver has a decimal value to their points total it will always be rounded down (for each event).

Ideally for a half points setup I’d recommend using a points system where the points for each position are even numbers, so you don’t end up with any decimal points for drivers. You can change the points system mid-way through a Championship and the changes will be applied properly to previous events as well as future events.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for all your clarifications.
I am completely satisfied with your services.