Ports not free multiserver

When I start the multi-server lots of times it got stuck at the first server and displaying that the used port isn’t free.
How can I set these server ports cause I assume these are done by the script cause these are only internal server ports. This started to happen after the last update to v2.3.1

Before I had just a very few times. Specially because it takes a long time to start it’s very annoying.


The multiserver manager looks for free ports when it first starts, and sets up the individual server managers to run using these ports. If this is failing to find free ports, it sounds like there may be an issue somewhere in the OS (as it is the one that provides the free ports).

Can you see any other software using the ports that the multiserver is trying to use? Does a reboot of the server resolve the issues?

I’ve checked the difference between v2.3.0 and v2.3.1, and we didn’t make any changes to the multiserver or “free port” code within those two releases.


Yep have to admit :slight_smile: . I’m using a tunneling which was also starting in the time the AC server was booting. And yes almost using the same range of ports.
Now delayed that program by 10 min and all ok.
Thank you for your repsons.