Penalty Stacking


My crew and I have just starting using Server Manager and we love it! We just ran our first championship event through it and everything went smoothly. However, the only thing we noticed that was kind of an issue was that we give a 1 lap 200kg ballast for cutting the track but it looks like these penalties stack so one of our less experienced racers ended up with a 1200kg ballast by the time the session ended. Is there anyway to prevent the ballast\penalties from stacking?

Version: Assetto Corsa Server Manager Premium v2.2.4


Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you like our software and that your event went well!

The penalty ballast/restrictor stacking is intended behaviour, but it’s something we have been considering changing (or at least making it an option to change). It’s on our job list to have a look at, thanks for letting us know that you’d be interested in being able to change that behaviour.


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