Need some help configuring SSL certificate

i have set up and running Emperors AC servermanager latest version.
everything is working fine and available via HTTP, but i want it to use HTTPS and configure an SSL certificate (running on windows)

i already have a valid SSL-certificate on my synology-nas-webserver. can i use that same certificate on my ac-server?

i found a section in the config.yaml but im clueless how to fill in the keyfile and certificate-path:

# TLS configuration. Server Manager supports TLS v1.2 upwards. As of 12/03/2020,
# the Server Manager configuration yields a perfect score from SSL Labs.
# If you enable this, you likely want the hostname (above) to listen on port 443.
enabled: false
# the path to the SSL certificate file.
cert_path: ""
# the path to the SSL key file.
key_path: ""

can somone point me in the right direction?


In general as setups vary, it’s hard for us to give specific advice on these subjects - I don’t have any knowledge of Synology, but there may be a way of doing a “Reverse Proxy” through Synology - that could be the best place to start looking. If you do use a reverse proxy, you can point it at the HTTP port that you defined for Server Manager in the config.yml. This would not require the use of the SSL settings in the config.yml.

In general, we recommend using a Reverse Proxy such as nginx or apache2 to configure SSL with Server Manager, you can find many guides on the web for these setups, including a general setup for our Server Manager:

If you are using the config.yml SSL, the certificate would need to match the domain that you are using to access the Server Manager. There are various guides on the web to help with generating SSL certificates - in general they will give you a .pem or .crt file which you would put in the cert_path, and a .key file which you would put in the key_path.

Thank you for the directions. i don’t know much about webservers (yet) but i’m going to check it out.
I’m proud that i was able to setup a valid ssl certificate on my synology-nas :grin:
i appreciate the help very much thanx!

Hey i wanted to let you guys know, i got it to work.

i configured a reverse proxy server on my synology nas and patch it trough the local ipadress of the ac-server.
this is a great guide what helped me:
setup Synology nas as reverse proxy

it was not that hard after all. thanx for the support :+1: