Multiple Servers

Hi, is there any plans to add the functionality to manage multiple server?

What future plans do you have with regards to development?



Currently we don’t have any plans to support a multi-server setup (like our AC Server Manager). You can of course achieve this by running multiple instances of the ACC Server Manager and using different ports.

I would also be interested in this multi server system.
If it is still not anticipated, would it open some way to be able to get the code for me in the future to try to implement it?

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at least it could be done that somehow more buttons could be added to the menu, extract that part of the html in some folders to be able to add functionalities without seeing the code

I really was hopping that this tool had multi server capability when i bought it since there is that option on the original Assetto Corsa Server Manager, and I was using another ACC server manager tool that has that option (and its free) but this has other functions that interest me.

If there is any way to implement this I would really apreciate it. Thanks


Without a doubt ja.

I know of a few people that will be interested in buying it with the added multiple server support.



I bought this hoping to have similar features as AC server manager, and multi-server support is the only missing feature that prevents me to fully switch to ACC server manager.

Creating 6 separate instances for 6 servers, and copying over configs isn’t exactly ideal :slight_smile: