Manual Results after the fact

Hi there, I hope everyone is well.
We’re running a championship on the AMS2 server platform but unfortunately the results from the first race didn’t log. Is there a way to manually create the results or will I have to try and figure out another way to get everything to load into the championship points?
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I’m doing well thank you, hope you are too. Unfortunately if the result is missing entirely then manually recreating it would be quite difficult.

My recommendation here would be to use the Championship points penalty system. Through the Penalties button on the main Driver Standings tab, you can apply negative points penalties to drivers to give them points, so you could give each driver the correct number of points for their finishing position in the missing race.


Thank you for the reply, this is actually a pretty clever way of doing it and I’ll definitely put that in place if I can’t recreate the results manually :grin:
Out of interest, do you have any idea where the results are actually stored? I did a cursory search for them but just could not figure it out.
I’ve got a little bit of an obsession with ideas once they take hold in my mind.

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help!

The AMS2 results are stored in <server-folder>/lua_config/sms_stats_data.json. All of the event results are stored in that one file, in an array called history, with an array inside that called stages for each session in the event.