Issue building search index for all cars

I’ve just installed V2.1.1 of ACSM on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM.

The server manager starts up straight away and I can get to the web gui. However it appears that there’s an issue when trying to build the search index for the cars. Any ideas? I’ve attached the output below.

$ ./server-manager
time="2021-06-08T18:28:37Z" level=info msg="This copy of Assetto Corsa Server Manager is licensed to: 67fcf28d-085d-4330-a4a0-8b7055aed5e7"
time="2021-06-08T18:28:37Z" level=info msg="License created at: Tue Jun  8 17:52:51 2021"
time="2021-06-08T18:28:37Z" level=info msg="License expires: never"
time="2021-06-08T18:28:39Z" level=info msg="Attempting to install the Assetto Corsa Server (steamid: 302550) to /home/fykcha/steampool/acserver-manager/assetto"
time="2021-06-08T18:28:39Z" level=info msg="WARNING using steamcmd instead of You must have run steamcmd before using this tool or Assetto Corsa Server will not install correctly."
WARNING: setlocale('en_US.UTF-8') failed, using locale: 'C'. International characters may not work.
Redirecting stderr to '/home/fykcha/.steam/logs/stderr.txt'
[  0%] Checking for available updates...
[----] Verifying installation...
Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation
-- type 'quit' to exit --
Loading Steam API...OK.
"@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType" = "windows"
Logging in user 'TwoDrinkTuesdays' to Steam Public ...
Logged in OK
Waiting for user info...OK
ERROR! Failed to install app '302550' (Disk write failure)
time="2021-06-08T18:28:42Z" level=warning msg="Could not find or install Assetto Corsa Server using SteamCMD. Creating barebones install."
time="2021-06-08T18:28:42Z" level=info msg="Server manager instance identifies as: ab481d9c-060f-44e7-a913-2a1ace8cf4c4"
time="2021-06-08T18:28:42Z" level=info msg="starting assetto server manager on:"
time="2021-06-08T18:28:42Z" level=error msg="Could not open search index" error="invalid argument"
time="2021-06-08T18:29:53Z" level=info msg="Building Track Maps for all Tracks"
time="2021-06-08T18:29:53Z" level=info msg="Track Map build is complete (took: 2.347668ms)"
time="2021-06-08T18:29:56Z" level=info msg="Building search index for all cars"

recovered from panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

goroutine 136 [running]:
runtime/debug.Stack(0x1e9e820, 0xc00000dd28, 0x139ef22)
	runtime/debug/stack.go:24 +0x9f +0xb0
panic(0x11a9c80, 0x26d9500)
	runtime/panic.go:965 +0x1b9*indexImpl).SearchInContext(0x0, 0x1eb36e8, 0xc0000b8010, 0xc000494000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0) +0x56*CarManager).Search(0xc000b5ab10, 0x1eb36e8, 0xc0000b8010, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x186a0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, ...) +0x225*CarManager).IndexAllCars(0xc000b5ab10, 0xb9fdd9, 0x0) +0xd9*CarsHandler).rebuildSearchIndex.func1() +0x32 +0x49
created by*CarsHandler).rebuildSearchIndex +0x73


It looks like maybe the permissions or ownership of your assetto corsa server folder is incorrect?

Can you check the permissions of the server folder and verify that they are owned by the user running server manager?