Invalid character '\x00'

Vindows 10 + ACS v2.1.6

hello! everything was working fine for two days, but, without touching any configuration files, this morning when starting the “assetto-multiserver-manager.exe” the cmd window sent me this message that I don’t understand:

!!! An Error Occurred !!!

Failed to initialise server manager.

Your configuration file is probably incorrect, or you haven’t followed the instructions in the README properly.
Please carefully check that your options are set correctly.

  Error Details

The error occurred attempting to: Open server manager storage (bolt or json)
The error more specifically is: invalid character ‘\x00’ looking for beginning of value


This error can occur when your server store has been corrupted by something - did you manually edit any of the server store files?

Are there any more details of this error in the command window when you start the server?

All it’s ok now, thanks
I think it was an unexpected restart of the pc that corrupted the server file.