How to contribute


I’m one of your customer and I’ve been using ACSMv2 for a couple of months now. It’s a great product.

I know your codebase is a fork from the original JustaPenguin repository and that now your sources are private. However, is there any way to contribute to this project?

I know you guys make a living out of this code, but I wouldn’t mind opening a couple of pull requests in order to add features.

Your current public API is read only and I would love to be able to customize championship registration process and stuff like that.


Hi radnax,

Thanks for the kind words and your interest in contributing to ACSM v2.

Currently there isn’t any way for people outside of our organisation to contribute to the project, and at least for the time being that isn’t likely to change.

Thanks for the request regarding an API to manage Championship Registrations, the API is a very recent addition to ACSM in general, and something that we are intentionally introducing piece by piece so we can see how people use it and iron out any issues whilst working at a smaller scale. We are considering expanding it further in the future, so this sort of thing may become possible, but I can’t say for sure.

As an aside, you could also look in to working with our Championship json structure directly, with the current API it should be possible to grab a Championship json file, modify the sign ups and then replace the old json file with your new modified one. Of course this is more complex than using an API would be, but it is possible with current ACSM v2 versions.