GT4 Format : Q1 and Q2 and two races, with driver change

Hey there,

I’ve got a Project to create an event with the GT4 format :

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Race 1 (1 hour), with a window for driver change, using Q1’s results for starting grid
  • Race 2 : Same format as Race 1, using Q2’s results for starting grid

After checking, the “Race Weekends” feature sounds good and could potentially make the job !

Can you confirm that ?

And I had a question regarding penalties too.

Is there a way to apply penalty directly during the race ? For example a Drive Through or something like that ?
If someone crash, how to deal with pit return ?

Thanks a lot,

Have a good day !



Yes I believe that a Race Weekend would be the best fit for this event format, especially if you want to run both qualifying sessions before the races.

Currently you can apply ballast and restrictor during the race, either by using admin commands (Wiki page: Admin Commands | Emperor Servers) or by using the Admin Panel on the Live Timings page of your Manager.

Currently you cannot manually apply a Drive Through, although that functionality is coming with our next ACSM update. You may be able to carry out more advanced penalty actions like this using a plugin, such as Real Penalty.

For pit return, I believe your best option would be to utilise CSP Extra Options (Misc – Server extra options · ac-custom-shaders-patch/acc-extension-config Wiki · GitHub), specifically the following options:

; Available since 0.1.76:
ENFORCE_BACK_TO_PITS_PENALTY = 1     ; Adds penalty during race when using back-to-pits AC command, same 
                                     ; as when using “back to pits” in pause menu
ENFORCE_BACK_TO_PITS_STOP = 1        ; Stops back-to-pits AC command from working if car is moving

; Available since 0.1.78 (previous versions had a bug, so please make sure to set 0.1.78 as required):
NO_BACK_TO_PITS = 1                  ; Disallow back-to-pits AC command and “back to pits” in pause menu
                                     ; (admin would still be able to teleport cars back if needed)
NO_BACK_TO_PITS_OUTSIDE_OF_PITS = 1  ; Same, but only if car is not in its pits position 

You can enable these in ACSM by turning on the “Enable Extra Custom Shaders Patch Options” switch on the Server Options page, then entering and configuring the options you’d like to use in the Extra Options input of any race form.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions!