Filling up the grid with AI drivers

Hello, I want to create a race with 16 drivers. Two of them should be real, the other 14 should be AI drivers. There is an option to fill up the grid with AI drivers but it doesnt work. The starting grid shows only two drivers. Any hint how to solve this?

In order to set up an AMS2 race with AI, you must do the following things:

  1. Set the “Max Players” to be less than the “Grid Size”, for example if you want 2 real drivers and 14 AI drivers, set the following:

    Grid Size: 16
    Max Players: 2

  2. Enable “Fill Session With AI” in the Flags options.

The event should then start with 2 driver slots and 14 AI cars.

Hope this helps!

Hey guys, I got the AI to work, but when I change the car or track after the first race, the AI dissappears and it seems the server settings are reset (also noticed the pitstop speed was reset from 80km/h down to the default 60km/h, and I could not control my car anymore). Any way to keep the server settings if we manually select a different car or track?

edit: this is using a preset for 1 practice+race. Problem shows up when we try to switch car/track in game server.


Unfortunately we don’t have any control over how the server behaves once you switch from the first session to the next session in-game - we can only control what is sent to the server when it is started, and then it makes its own decision from there going forward.

A workaround could be to use the “Template” system in the presets so that you can copy your event setup and edit the cars and tracks, then once you’ve finished one event, use the manager to start the next one.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer!!! Much appreciated.