Features Request

Hi, we have been using the Server Manager for our Private League and its make our lives easier by having all the features implemented under the same platform, but I would like to request some tweaks to some of these features and the addition of new ones.

  • Ballast: A system that let you add and remove Ballast based on the finished position per race. Example, 1st add 30 Kg, 2nd, 20 Kg, 3rd 10, 4th 0 Kg, 5th removes 10 kg and so on. And to be customizable. (The maximum ballast now is restricted to 30 Kg maximum)
  • Penalty: Add penalty per seconds per race, not points.
  • Championship Registration: Limit the quantity of cars per brand/model that there is available to choose. So the is variety on the grid
  • Championship Practice Results: The ability to view a recompilation in order from best to worst of the best lap set per pilot, all on a single tab (from the Championship window), and how many laps they have done. Now you have to search the results tab session by session to know how fast the lap times are for a specific event.
  • Fastest Lap and Pole Position: Be independent from the points multiplier.
  • Start Practice Event: Use the race day and hour instead of the practice one set (to get the track on optimum conditions and to practice on the same hour as the race event).
  • Race 1, Race2: If you make a two Race Event on the same session there is a bug where it chooses the result of the Race 1/ Qualy 1 for the Race 2/ Qualy 2 automatically. It can be fixed by modifying it manually. Also if ignore X worst Event is applied it does weird things to the points system.
  • Export/Import Championship: If you like to make a Template or a Copy for a New Championship exporting the old one, it replace the one existed when you imported, even if you change the name of the old one. When it suppose that a copy or a new one must be created.
  • Nationality Flag: When you Force the Entrylist there are parameters set by the player that are overwritten by the server instead of what the driver has chosen. The color scheme of the pilot is one, and the Nationality flag is the other. You can add it manually by the parameter “nationality":14”. But if you make changes to the entrylist this parameter is replaced but the default one because is not specified on the Server Manager. It would be nice to add a parameter on the Entrylist and on the Registration Form. This are the values that ACC uses for the flags. Other 0, Andorra 49, Argentina 14, Armenia 28, Australia 41, Austria 9, Azerbaijan 50, Bahrain 79, Belgium 7, Brazil 17, Bulgaria 51, Canada 34, Chile 82, China 35, Chinese Taipei 81, Colombia 47, Croatia 33, Cuba 52, Czech Republic 53, Denmark 32, England 86, Estonia 54, Finland 31, France 3, Georgia 55, Germany 2, Great Britain 5, Greece 22, Hong Kong 46, Hungary 6, India 56, Indonesia 38, Iran 78, Ireland 16, Israel 57, Italy 1, Jamaica 58, Japan 48, Kuwait 45, Latvia 59, Lebanon 27, Lithuania 60, Luxembourg 44, Macao 61, Madagascar 84, Malaysia 62, Malta 85, Mexico 29, Monaco 15, Nepal 63, Netherlands 12, New Caledonia 64, New Zeeland 40, Nigeria 65, Northern Ireland 66, Norway 24, Oman 21, Papua New Guinea 67, Philippines 68, Poland 13, Portugal 36, Puerto Rico 19, Qatar 69, Romania 70, Russia 10, San Marino 42, Saudi Arabia 23, Scotland 71, Serbia 72, Singapore 37, Slovakia 20, Slovenia 73, South Africa 18, South Korea 26, Spain 4, Sweden 30, Switzerland 8, Taiwan 74, Thailand 11, Turkey 25, Ukraine 75, United Arab Emirates 43, Uruguay 83, USA 39, Venezuela 76, Wales 77, Zimbabwe 80.


Thank you very much for the detailed list of requests! We’ll take these into account when looking into future updates, there are definitely good ideas here that we can implement.