Feature Requests for Quick Events

  1. Could we have a way to flag one of the Entry Lists as the default entry list for Quick Events or have a way to choose an Entry List from the Quick Events page?

Before using ACC Server Manager we used the entry list to grant a handful of regulars server admin based on SteamID rather then giving everyone a password. This is one of the features we’ve found missing when we change tracks using the quick events menu.

  1. I would also like to suggest adding a Practice section to Quick Events and adding tick-boxes for which parts of a Quick Event you wish to run. You can quickly do Practice only or Practice/Qualy/Race events without going into the details of a preset.

Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll add these to our list and consider them for a future release.

Quick Events are generally supposed to be a rapid set up default-style event. Adding more options to it reduces the nature of that, but I think we’re still finding the balance there.

Right now, I recommend that you create a normal “master” Preset with these options set up, then use the “Use as Template” button on that master Preset to quickly change e.g. the track, so you can quickly set up these more custom events.

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