Feature Request: Lap Records

Would it be possible to get a Lap Record area?

Thinking format:

[installed Tracks] [fastest lap time] [driver] [date] [weather]

Then click on track to see the top 10 for that particular track.



Thanks for the feature request!

Currently this sort of thing is only possible (as far as I know) by using the STracker plugin, which ACSM has built-in support for. To activate it set the following in config.yml:

  disable_plugins: false

Then navigate to Server → STracker in your Manager for installation instructions for the plugin.

We are considering adding a similar feature to the Manager in the future though, so thanks for letting us know you would be interested.


Thank-you. I was looking for something like that as I’m familiar with the one for ACC. I’ll give it a go setting it up.