Dockerfile available?

Hi, I use the AC Server in a Docker container has anyone made a Dockerfile for the AMS2 server ?


We don’t provide a Docker container for our AMS2 Server Manager, but it would be possible for you to write your own Dockerfile that creates the container (and it is possible that you may find some community made Dockerfiles online, although I’m not aware of any currently).

The setup for AMS2 in docker on linux requires a WINE installation - rather than providing an attempted ‘best fit’ solution via a docker image, we’ve omitted the Dockerfile so that users can build their own custom Dockerfile.

In general, you could use the ACSM Dockerfile for inspiration in creating your own one for AMS2. You would probably need the Dockerfile to do the following things:

  1. Install and configure WINE
  2. Set up a directory and user account for the AMS2 Server Manager
  3. ADD the AMS2 Server Manager executable
  4. VOLUME the License File and any server directories.
  5. Set the ENTRYPOINT to be the AMS2 Server Manager executable.

You can learn more about Dockerfiles here: Dockerfile reference | Docker Docs