Delete a lap time from the server


If someone has set a time but I want to remove it as it was an invalid lap, is that something I can do?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Iain,

At the moment it isn’t possible to mark an individual lap as invalid whilst an event is running.

When the results file has written out you can apply penalties to drivers, including time penalties, which may be useful depending on the circumstance.

Can I ask in what sort of scenario you’d like to be able to do this? Having the context might help me suggest an alternative.


Hey there,

I want to ask the same…Reason for me to do that: Someone managed to do a 2 second lap on the Nordschleife. I already “Mark” his time after the result time was written out and add a big penality, but still on the live timing and so on it stay with the time of 2 seconds as Position 1.

Hi everyone,

As of v2.2.1 is is possible to delete the stored time for a specific driver from the Live Timings.

You can do this by going to the Server → Options page, scrolling down to the “Danger Zone”, selecting the driver from the dropdown then clicking the “Delete Driver” button.


@Hecrer - is there anything on the radar to implementing a way to only remove invalid or disqualified laps from the leaderboard? (I don’t want to wipe out someone’s full history just because the server accidentally logged a 2sec lap up pikes peak if I can.)