CSP Weather FX fixed on livetiming for all

Hello good evening, I would like to know if there is a way to activate Weather FX on the server, as some players are deactivating rain to have an advantage over others.


As far as I’m aware, in ACSM v1 it is not possible to require a specific version of Custom Shaders Patch to ensure that Weather FX is enabled for all drivers in the server.

ACSM v2 does allow you to require a minimum version of Custom Shaders Patch using the “Required Minimum CSP Version” setting in the race form. To activate this setting, you would need to enable the “Enable Extra Custom Shaders Patch Options” setting in the Server Options.

You can learn more about ACSM v2 and purchase it here: Assetto Corsa Server Manager with Custom Assetto Corsa Server / Emperor Servers