Creating a New Server as a new user


Recently rented a server for ACC for use with a League, but I must be missing something in the set up as I am unable to find any of the sessions I have set up in game.

Running server manager v 1.2.3
I’m using windows 10
I’d attach the log as asked, but the attachment scripting for uploads doesn’t allow txt files (which is what the server manager exports as by default when downloading logs).

I’m familiar with using the AC server Manager and can set up a new event/championship/session of any sort without issue, barring some specific functions, I’m somewhat of a veteran with it - I have gone through all settings across the ACC server manager and I feel like everything is set up correctly based on my experience, but the servers aren’t showing up in game, nor is there anything in the descriptors or settings in the server manager that suggests how to find it.

The wiki for the ACC server manager is virtually blank, so I can’t use that as a reference and it seems no one else here is having this issue. Any idea what I might be missing in my setup??

Please help



Is this server hosted with us or elsewhere? If it’s hosted with us please remember that you can open support tickets for issues like this where you’ll get quicker responses!

If you are self hosted then the first thing to check in this scenario would be port forwarding, but in a hosted scenario that will have been handled for you.

One of the things that sometimes initially catches people out with the ACC server is that after starting an event and launching the server it can take a few minutes (sometimes up to five or so) for the server to then appear in the lobby, it will not usually appear instantly. If you haven’t already please try starting an event and then leaving it for a few minutes before checking the lobby.

If that doesn’t work then it would be best if we could see some logs, again if you’re hosted with us best to open a support ticket so we can see your server details and have a direct look. If not then you should be able to copy/paste your logs here as plain text.