Can´t load a race result in a championship

Hi there,

i´m having difficulties to load up a qualifying result and a race result into my championship. would you be so kind to help me out with that? due to server downtime i had to start my championship event on another server. ACSM can load and show these results but wont let me import them into my championship unfortunately . Assetto Corsa Server Manager v2.3.12
Is there a way you would have a look on these two files? Thank you very much.


Thanks for reaching out, when you try to import the results to the Championship (via Manage Event → Import Results) what happens? If you encounter an error, can you check the Manager section of the server → logs page to see the full error message? That error may help us track down the issue here.

If you’d like we can take a direct look too, in order to do that it would be best if you could export the Championship and download the individual results files, and then send them to us at


hey Hecrer,

lots of thanks for replying to my question. actually i did manage to get it solved by rewriting the whole results files manually. thank you very much.