Acserver V2, docker and unraid

hello, anyone help me to create a docker for UNRAID system?
i don’t wont a VM with windows to run it ( but now i have this config )
I have no idea how to do it.
in the last month I have been doing tests, copying dockerfile and docker-compose, files, but I’m not familiar with it.
I also asked for help in the unraid server, they told me that emperorserver doesn’t want a docker download scheme with them.
please help me

thank you in advance.


Our Server Manager download for Linux (amd64) comes with a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml file in the download.

I’m not sure what specifically you mean by us “not wanting a download scheme with them”. We don’t provide a Docker image on a public registry for Server Manager as it is a paid application, and having a public Docker image for it would be confusing for users that do not have a license.

I can’t speak to the specifics of how unraid handles docker (we have no experience of unraid), so I’m not sure about any complexities that may be added via the UI or terminal access, but I believe the following general flow would work:

  1. Download ACSM v2 (Linux / amd64) from
  2. Sync this over to your unraid server
  3. Open a terminal on the unraid server, and find the download, and unzip it if necessary
  4. cd into the unzipped folder, so you are at the same level as server-manager and Dockerfile etc.
  5. Run docker build -t somedockerimagename:latest .
  6. Use unraid to set up a docker container with the image name somedockerimagename:latest. You should be able to use the docker-compose.yml in the ACSM zip to guide which volume mounts and port bindings you need to specify in the unraid UI.